What some of our Clients are saying…

"I have been very happy with the service provided by Mr. Jerry Smothers and his team at "Clean & Green."
They have done exactly what they said they would do which means a lot this day and age. Mr. Smother's knowledge of the turf grass biology really became evident as we tackled our particularly challenging project. - I would recommend Clean & Green to anybody.”

“Very Satisfied Customer” - Jonathan Harlan

“ I have been using the services of Clean-N-Green for over 13 years. I changed service providers at one point and tried a very low cost provider and got exactly what I paid for. I took my business back to Clean N Green and have never considered changing again. They provide our lawn mowing, chemical and landscaping services. I was so pleased with them that I have used them for my personal property for several years now as well. The Smothers are exceptional people that do what they say they will do. Their employees are equally professional and seem to actually care that our needs are met to our standards. I have recommended them to many of my friends for both business and residential properties and will continue to do so.”         Sincerely,  

Steve Sutton  

Terminal Manager  

AAA Cooper Transportation  Jackson, TN

"Jerry and his team at Clean N Green assisted us in getting our back yard/field ready for our daughters wedding.  From laying sod, to sprinkler repair and installation as well as spraying and fertilizing our fields.  Friendly, professional and trustworthy.  We had a big year and were grateful for his help."  

Ted Nelson - near Jackson TN

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